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The house that builds you.

Iron House Fitness is a family owned gym for anyone willing to put in the work. We strive to create an optimal training environment for our members and  athletes. We have the most effective training equipment available and our team of trainers are held to the highest standards. Regardless of your fitness level, Iron House provides a haven for those who demand real results from their training.   

Gym Equipments

Jan Morales

My trainers at Iron House got me to PR's I thought I could never reach! They are not only great trainers but great people as well! 


Dani Rosenthal

If you're looking for a gym, Iron House will be your place! As a San Fransisco City firefighter and former competitive power lifter I can guarantee the trainers are highly motivated and educated in their craft. They really care about their clientele and leave an impact on you as soon as you start!


Jonny Lira

Daniel was extremely thorough at explaining the form of each exercise. He has changed the way I work out, I wouldn't train anywhere but Iron House ever again. 

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